Study published in Nature’s Scientific Reports that identifies factors influencing the academic careers of college students with dyslexia in Italy

With great pride we announce that the scientific study. Clustering analysis of factors affecting academic career of university students with dyslexia in Italy has been published in the journal Scientific Reports of Nature.

It was carried out by the team from the University of Tuscia in Viterbo, which includes Giuseppe Calabrò, Marcella Barone, Juri Taborri and Andrea Zingoni from our Tech4All team.

The purpose of this study was to explore the lives and experiences of students with dyslexia studying in Italian universities in order to provide appropriate tools and support strategies that can facilitate their performance.

The results reveal theimportance of early diagnosis and treatment of dyslexia with specific help, particularly that of associations of students with dyslexia.

So earlier diagnosis, treatment of dyslexia with specific help from speech therapists, psychologists, and associations, and the Ability to compensate for dyslexia by providing appropriate equipment, may be the keys to success in university studies to help dyslexic students feel in control of their learning.

In addition, this study aimed to identify, through cluster analysis, which tools can be useful for the development and adaptation of educational methodologies to support students with dyslexia to overcome all the main difficulties encountered

The results of this research are part of the European project Vrailexia and represent the roots of the development of Reasy, the comprehensive study support tool for every student with dyslexia.

For more, read the study in Scientific Reports in Nature:

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