Tech4All’s REASY uses the EasyReading/Dyslexia Friendly® font, a highly readable font that makes reading easier even for people with the disorder of dyslexia

Reasy is an application intended for students with dyslexia, born from the scientific research of the European project Vrailexia coordinated by the University of Tuscia in Viterbo. 

The project, recognized by IRCAI-UNESCO as one of the 100 best global projects applying Artificial Intelligence, aims to develop innovative strategies and tools for creating accessible and inclusive college campuses for students with dyslexia.

From this journey, Tech4All, a university spin-off, was born with the goal of making learning accessible to students with dyslexia through Reasy.

Among the main features, Reasy offers the possibility, after uploading any pdf file, to:

  • Change the formatting of the text; 
  • reproduce via audiobook functionality the text in its entirety or individual sentences; 
  • Show the meaning of words;
  • Associate standard or student-drawn pictures with a single word;
  • Highlight with different colors letters/words/phrases;
  • automatically create concept maps, which can later be edited by the student.

Usable from computers, smartphones and tablets, it also provides the Google Chrome extension to make any web page and school platform (Google Classroom, Moodle, Teams) accessible directly from the web.

As an inclusive tool that ensures all-around accessibility of study materials, Reasy uses the EasyReading/Dyslexia Friendly® font.

EasyReading® is a project created to facilitate the dyslexic reader and landed on high readability for all: diversity conceived not as a “problem” but as an “inclusive value.”

The EasyReading® font subjected to scientific research-independent and independent-about its readability has been declared “a valid compensatory tool for people with dyslexia (DSA) and at the same time a facilitative font for all types of readers.”

Both Reasy and EasyReading® are projects that grew out of the difficulties of people with dyslexia and became an opportunity to offer tools that can be used by all, from an inclusive perspective.

Learn more about EasyReading®.

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